Essay on Competency Skills For A Healthcare Administrator

Essay on Competency Skills For A Healthcare Administrator

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Healthcare Administrators must be prepared with competency skills to better match the healthcare role and environment that they may take-on (Stefl, November/December 2008). In order to be successful and effective as a Healthcare Administrator fulfilling the role in Risk Management, there are challenges that I must address to be better prepared, such as with competency skills. I feel with my communication and relationship management, competency skills, I speak very articulately and concisely, but I need to address the issue of interacting with others more in order to better address medical safety issues relating to Risk Management (Stefl, November/December 2008). By addressing this competency skills, I would be much more effective in maintaining Risk Management safety by eliminating medical errors among staff. Also, with business skills and knowledge competency skills challenges, I have educational knowledge of the role Risk Management plays, but I lack the on-hands experience to apply business principles (Stefl, November/December 2008). By joining the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management organization to exchange ideas and views by interacting with members and enhancing my knowledge and skills by taking courses, attending webinars and conferences, I will fulfill the challenges needed for Risk Management. With knowledge of healthcare environment competency skills, I have a clear understanding of the healthcare systems, external environment in terms of mission, and vision with its commitment to the community it serves, but must gain additional knowledge of its internal environment functions (Stefl, November/December 2008). By volunteering at a healthcare organization, I can gain internal knowledge of how the organiz...

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... operate in delivering care to patients.
Time-Bound: By May 1, 2018

As a high performer and a perfectionist, I can leverage these strengths in the role of Risk Management by putting forth my full ability to perform with excellence in striving to uphold the healthcare organization’s quality and safety stands with the medical care they deliver. Also, with my decision-making strength, I can make judgments based on good observation and use my creative thinking to build on ideas to help the healthcare organization move forward. I can use my communication skills of speaking concisely and articulately to relay messages that are direct and focus to resolve issues. In addition, as a transformational leader, I can inspire others by setting an example as a role model to follow and knowing when and how to delegate authority to get the job done, efficiently.

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