Competency Guidelines : Competency And Strategies Essay

Competency Guidelines : Competency And Strategies Essay

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CIHC Competency & Strategy to Enhance: Role Clarification
Pain assessment and management is multi dimensional and multi disciplinary. In other words, along with its objective presence, it must also be considered in a metaphysical sense studying its social, spiritual, and psychological characteristics, as mentioned by the Total Pain Model (RNAO, 2011). Therefore, in order to achieve optimal holistic pain relief an IP team is essential. For this reason, one of the most evident CIHC competency domains at odds in the scenario is role clarification. This domain is defined as, “learners/practitioners understand their own role and the role of other professions, and use this knowledge to establish and achieve patient…goals” (CIHC, 2010, p12). Role clarification highlights the importance of the appropriate access and application of knowledge from various IP team members during care delivery, as particular team members may have the skills needed at certain times to address patient needs (CIHC, 2010). In this scenario, the physician did not seem to appreciate the noteworthy ability of the nurse, social worker and occupational therapist to assess the patient’s pain experience, and was only concerned with his judgment of correct symptom management and discharging the patient as soon as possible. Moreover, he rightfully so, was only concerned with the biomedical level of her pain since his training may suggest to prioritize alleviating physical distress. However, he could have fulfilled his gaps in addressing total pain by seeking the support and competencies of the front-line nurses and allied health team. In doing so, the patient would attain a more complete level of comfort. Overall, this lack in utilization and appreciation of member role...

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...fers to as “positive” conflicts, which encourage valuable constructive interactions and expression of healthy differences in opinion. Such collaboration thereby improves the quality and creativity of decision-making (Youngwerth & Twaddle, 2011). Overall, these stated advantages of rounds help professionals either proactively prevent conflict or react to them using a collaborative approach with the aid of competent communication. In terms of patient outcome, IP rounds lead to better clinical outcome and increase patient safety as they allow for faster identification of clinical issues and implementation of preventative interventions (Halm et al., 2003). IP rounds also decrease length of stay in hospital for patients (Geary et al., 2009). These are all common components of patient satisfaction. (See Appendix B search strategy & Appendix C for strengths and limitations)

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