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Competency for Information Professionals

There are many types of competency that very important to be practiced by information professionals in order to manage information efficiently and effectively in any organizations. In this paper, we will discuss eleven of them that are crucial competency for information professionals in this information age.

i. Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential in any organizations especially in information service organizations such as libraries, archives institutions and information centers. This is because information cannot be transformed into usable knowledge without effective communicatation. Thus, no wonder why communicates effectively is one of the competencies which all information professionals should expert and used when communicate with other people.

How to communicate effectively? There are some methods for information professionals to communicate effectively. First, presents ideas clearly, succinctly and enthusiastically, either verbally or in writing, always in the language of the audience, and with an understanding of their perceptions and perspectives. Second, demonstrates a professionals, approachable presentation style with all audiences. Third, actively listens, considers and then responds. Fourth, request feedback on communication skills and uses it for self improvement. Sixth, avoid conflict in your interpersonal relationships.

Figure 1: Conflict Situation
Source: Maimunah Osman, Komunikasi berkesan-perhubungan
Interpersonal. (Kuala Lumpur: Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara, 2000): 100.

From this brief discussion, it is clearly showed that effective communication is very important to be applied by information pro...

... middle of paper ...

...information management in this age. We can see the example of challenges of information management in this age at library institutions. Now day, at library, everything is very much influence by the IT. There are exist online catalogue, online acquisition, automated library system, online borrowing, online searching and retrieval and etc. Thus, librarians must
learn how to use all these utilities to ensure that they can deliver excellent services to their customers.

Lifelong learning can be achieved in many forms. Some of these include enrolling in courses, attending seminars, learning by doing, shadowing, secondments, self directed learning and e-learning. Lifelong learning can also be in the form of an assistant or aide learning from observing his superior in action. Finally, lifelong learning can be achieved through the teaching of oneself something new.

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