Compensation For Organ Donation : The Sale Of Organs Essay

Compensation For Organ Donation : The Sale Of Organs Essay

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Compensation for Organ Donation
The sale of organs is a very controversial topic and has been illegal in the United States of America since 1984 (“Legislative Chronology”). Selling organs can have many benefits and negative outcomes for both the people giving their organs and the people receiving the organs. Since organ sales are illegal nearly everywhere this business is quite risky and dangerous. Although, organ sales have helped some very impoverished people who are desperate for money. The system of selling organs is complex and has many positive reasons to be legal and many negative reasons for the sale of organs to remain illegal.
Though there are many critics of organ sales, there are positive effects that it can have in the world. As of July 26, 2016, there are 77,307 people on the active waiting list for an organ they desperately need and an average of 22 people die each day waiting for a transplant (“Organ Procurement and Transplantation”). If people were to be compensated for giving an organ there would be more motivation for people to give their organs to someone in need. This could even cause the growing active waiting list of 77,307, to go down in size, saving the lives of thousands of people. Though the sale of organs is banned in nearly every country, there is one country that does give compensation for the donation of kidneys. Iran implemented a system that compensates donors for the donation of their kidney and gives proper care to both the donor and the recipient after the surgery. They also have strict rules in place to prevent ‘transplant tourism’ and rules that prevent people from trying to directly sell their kidney to a recipient in need. Advocates of the Iranian plan have said that there is no wait time...

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...f his good intentions was far worse than his situation before. I also think that it should remain illegal for the time being because of how much time and even money it would cost to set up a system that compensates donors. The compensation that the donors will receive for their organ has to come from somewhere and the funding for this could become complicated. Instead, I think that we need people to sign up to become organ donors. Especially putting the organ donor option on our driver’s licenses. We will not be using our organs after we die so why let them go to waste rather than save someone’s life who is desperately in need? Simple things like this could be immensely helpful to the shortage of organ donations in the United States. Though there are valid arguments to both views on this topic, the United States is not ready for an organ donation compensation system.

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