Essay on Compensated Dating in Hong Kong

Essay on Compensated Dating in Hong Kong

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Compensated dating (CD) – a relationship with mainly financial support, in Hong Kong seems to be sprouting up among adolescent. CD is similar to juvenile prostitution (JP) but is not exactly the same. It is not necessarily involving sexual intercourse but a wide variety of nonsexual and sexual services are involved in CD. A study shown that even the prevalent rate of CD in HK was lower than those shown in Western and Asian counterparts, it was alarming. Furthermore, there is a risk that CD may turn out to become JP since most adolescent who engaged in CD used the term CD to make them a disparate sense from the stigmatic term prostitute (Lee & Shek, 2013). Although they thought that they could choose the kind of service they provide, reality is not always true as expected. Therefore, health education among early adolescents is of great urgency, topics on both sex and money literacy in order to reach the final sake for lowering the prevalent rate of CD.
There are several important findings from the study that cannot be neglected. First and the most affective factor, positive youth development (PYD) and perceived family functioning (i.e. mutuality, harmony, communication), academic and school competence were negatively related to adolescent’s CD behavior. Low economic status in the family, domestic violence and abusive experience, chaotic and ineffective parenting styles are example of primary risk factors. Nevertheless, parents’ marital status influence on the engagement in CD is more significant than that by family economic background. There is a big different between separated but not remarried and first marriage. In other words, better mutual support, love, and concern among family members ...

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... Kong society should pay attention to prevalence of CD before it becomes a thorny problem. Early adolescent is in a critical stage to have a healthy personal development on physical, mental and psychosocial. Even CD is highly related to family functioning, we should not ignore the problem just due to its difficulty. This proposal aims to make use of peer force to increase the level of PYD, which is the second protective factor of CD. Finally, early adolescent can have a healthy life with their friends.

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