Essay about Compatibility of Christianity and Psychology

Essay about Compatibility of Christianity and Psychology

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Psychology can be defined differently based on biblical standpoint or from a humanistic approach. The humanist perceives man as the determinant of everything and does not see the need for believing in an all-powerful being. In this perspective, psychology is the examination of human as well as animal actions. Psychiatry concentrates in the identification of psychological challenges and therapy. In Christ, the Lord of psychology Eric L. Johnson assumes that Jesus Christ is heart of Christian living (Johnson, 1997). He asserts that every aspect of human nature (psychology included) is a manifestation of God’s mind. Johnson’s main argument is that since Yahweh is the king of all, then He is by default the king of psychology. This forms the foundation of this paper as we take a critical look at his article and explore the relationship between Christianity and psychology.
Traditional Christianity and Psychology
Christianity and psychology are harmonious mainly because the way Biblical Christianity looks at the world is in itself a psychology (Johnson, 2010). The Bible is important in proper interpretation of human nature. Johnson begins his article by comparing the kingdom of God to the world and asserts that God is the creator of everything in heaven and on earth and portrays mankind as rebellious subjects. He cites verses in the Old Testament and New Testament to authenticate this claim. If this is true, then psychology should focus on acknowledging the role of Jesus Christ in counseling. Early Christians, for instance, followed the teaching of Christ whether they were praying, fasting, or even in communal relationships. If we are to emulate their example, psychology (counseling) as well as all other aspects of our lives should revo...

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...e are naturally inclined to rebel against laws. Christianity grooms counselors to confront the existence of guilt in their clients.
Christianity provides a valuable platform for practicing psychology and understanding human nature. This article is valuable for understanding the relationship between Christianity and counseling. Effective counseling must take into consideration the spirituality of clients to understand the root causes of their problems. This article is highly recommended for any psychologist or aspiring counselor.

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