Comparsion of Tennessee Williams´ A Streetcar Named Desire the Play or Movie

Comparsion of Tennessee Williams´ A Streetcar Named Desire the Play or Movie

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Tennessee Williams wrote a play named A Streetcar Named Desire which eventually became Pulitzer Prize winner for drama in 1948. This play was first staged on December 3rd 1947 in New York. A Streetcar Named Desire which was second play produced by Williams went on to become a huge success just like his first play named The Glass Menagerie. Streetcar helped Williams in cementing his position as one of the most proficient and respected playwrights existing in contemporary theater (Kolin 1993). For Tennessee Williams this play proved to be his first work which was translated and produced as a movie by Elia Kazan. Owing to high intensity emotional plot and subtle yet powerful acting by its lead cast ensured that the movie became a blockbuster.
Tennessee has woven a plot set in New Orleans around three characters Blanche, her brother-in-law Stanley and her sister Stella. Following essay‘s objective is to compare both, Williams’s play with motion picture based on it, highlighting similarities and differences between the two.
After watching the movie and going through the drama text, one can only agree with the fact that Elia Kazan retains the core plot and the originality of the play written by Williams, perfectly. Williams was responsible for working on the screen play of the movie, and this fact reflects clearly on the onscreen version of the play as his thought and personality are clearly reflected in the movie. Williams believed in the director and never interfered much towards the creative input of the movie.

Elia Kazan proved confidence of Williams on him correct and justified it through a movie which retained the spirit and the original thought behind the play. Elia Kazan unlike many other directors has shown ...

... middle of paper ...

...anche seems to be more dramatic as compared to the character in the drama text.
Though movie has censored many of the main themes which were depicted in William’s original play. But the internal turmoil, struggle and chaos of emotions which is portrayed by the characters in the movie, makes for this deviation and enables the viewer to feel the gravity and magnitude of entire situation vividly.
One common point which is similar in both movie and the drama text is that it in a way sympathizes with females who are powerless by highlighting how they are dependent on men. Blanche who is shown more as an insecure female in her 30’s hides her frustration, and anger by masking herself as a women belonging to rich-upper class section of society. Similarly in Stella despite of being abused by her husband she continues to rely on him because of no other support in her life.

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