Comparisson and Contrast: Art in Ancient Greece and Byzantium Essay

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Plan of Investigation:
During ancient times art in both Greece and Byzantium were significant. The question to be examined is what are the similarities and differences between art in ancient Greece and Byzantium? This topic is intriguing because art fascinated people then and still does now. Ancient art is significant because it has a strong influence on art in modern society. There are a variety of different issues that are going to be confronted, including, the extent to which in Greece and Byzantium are different, since they were both culturally similar and were in the same area. 480 BCE to 1453 CE is the time period in which the investigation will concentrate on. Greece and Byzantium are the two places that will be investigated. In order to determine the similarities and differences the topics that will be examined are art such as mosaics, architecture, and literature in ancient Greece and Byzantium.
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Summary of Evidence:
Art in Byzantium:
1. The Beginning of Byzantium
• “Relief carving in diverse media and the two-dimensional arts of painting and mosaic work were extremely popular in both secular and religious art.”
• “In the portable arts, silver vessels and furnishings, both for secular and ecclesiastical use, survive in significant number for the early centuries, as do objects made of ivory, the tusk of the elephant.”
• During early Byzantium, portrait sculpture became less popular, and sculptures of religious figures became more what they created.
• There is also some architecture. One of these is parts of an atrium that had mosaics, showing the wealth of the empire, and everyday life. This was in Constantinople at the Great Palace.
2. Middle Byzantium
• Since Byzantium was gaining riches, both ...

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...arities and differences. Overall, there are more differences between art in Greece and Byzantium then there are similarities.
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