Essay about Comparisons of the Glasser and Dreikus Models

Essay about Comparisons of the Glasser and Dreikus Models

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Comparisons of the Glasser and Dreikurs Models
There are many similarities to the behavioral models of William Glasser and Rudolf Dreikurs. Both psychiatrists worked closely with young people, and both developed ways to encourage proper behavioral management of disgruntled youth. The methods that each man established are often utilized in clinical sessions and in proper classrooms management.
Dreikurs Model
Dreikurs’ model relies on the idea that “a misbehaving child is only a discouraged child trying to find his place” (Jones & Jones, 2013, p. 33). When a student is feeling inadequate, they will filter through some or all of the four attention-getting behaviors. These disruptive behaviors are: attention getting, power, revenge, and displays of inadequacy. Dreikurs believed that when a child fails to feel as though he or she belongs, they will “act out” in various ways in order to gain acceptable. Sometimes these behaviors work, and other times, students are left feeling more frustrated. For example, a student who may fall behind in class may use inappropriate jokes or commentary to solicit respect from classmates. The student may then try exhibiting power over the administrator in the classroom further trying to increase their status in the social climate. If the student does not receive the attention they seek, they may try to seek revenge on the teacher or even other students in the classroom. In many cases, the disgruntled student gives up entirely and will revert to using phrases such as, “I don’t care anyway,” or “I meant to do that.” Instead of being instructed on how to cope effectively with their emotions, students default into primitive fight or flight strategies. Because of a student’s inability to feel socially equa...

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