Comparison Of Two European And European Policies Essay

Comparison Of Two European And European Policies Essay

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Compare and Contrast two international or European policies

On Child Protection

This assignment will be discussing child protection in Belgium and Jamaica

also will be comparing and contrasting policies a looking at the different ways in

Which both policies can be adapted for either country and whether each country

Can learn from each other.

The Belgium child protection laws work on the basis it a family problem if a child

is abuse and perceive it that all the family should be involved in the solution of

preventing it from happening, and look at the family background like is there a

breakdown within the family are the parents working and looks at single mothers as

a cause also in Belgium it not and obligation to report child abuse and there social

worker does not have to keep the information confidential unless the court request it.

The child support services in Belgium, the majority of the call that are received are

from children that are sexually abused, or have been a victim of domestic violence

even thou the child support services are based on the school premises and in a safe

environment children are still placed back into the family where the abuse happen

also by the child support services they see this as not something significance for the

judicial system and that mistakes happen and that all the family should be given

counselling to resolve the problem. Children in Belgium still receive corporal

punishment even thou it breaks the law on the right of a children and is still used in

Belgium by parents.

The Belgium policies on the rights of children under there law children have a right to

have their moral...

... middle of paper ...

...right of the child. The child care

protection act 2004 and the children registry executed it and obligation to report child

abused if this is known to be the case and it goes unreported this could carry six

months imprison or even a fine of $5000,000 even thou this is in place Jamaica is

very slow to bring the perpetrator to justice therefore many of the policies on child

protection are not being upheld and the needs of the child are not being considered as

the police and professionals are falling the children by not imposing the law when

called in cases of child abuse. The Jamaica Government in 2015 stated that spanking

children within institution, schools and some day care would not be allowed to spank

the children even thou the government has not enforce the law with parents it a

breech of the policies on the rights of children to spank

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