Comparison Of Public Human Resource Management Between China And United States

Comparison Of Public Human Resource Management Between China And United States

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Comparison of Public Human Resource Management between China and United States

In nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the government’s central position in the economy and the society. An effective government, regarding to the economy, the society and even the government development is absolutely necessary. The various countries experience indicated that, an effective government surely is a function limited government, behavior legally achievement government, authority multi- centers disposition government, decision-making highly democratic government, information highly transparent government and naturally also a government has an intelligent, capable and high morale employee team. All of these depend on an advanced modern Public Human Resources Management System (PHRMS) since no matter making policy, providing services or managing contracts, the ability of the government is always decided by their talented employees.

The modern PHRMS has many components, including recruitment, training, promotion, layoff, wages bonus, rights protection and so on. The characteristic of recruitment is that not based on individual relations, as “who do you know”, but based on individual competence by the competitive employment exams such as written exam, interview and so on. According to the position, the exams may be nationwide, regional or just in a department. As same as the recruitment, promotion does not depend on personal relationship either, but competence and performance. Thus, employee can keep paying much more attention on their working performance, not consider a lot to please their superiors. In public sectors, since salaries and wages are generally above average level in society, and there is a suitable disparity betwe...

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...of Personnel will announce a salary/wages reform very soon.

Finally, Ms. Cao introduced the internal competitive promotion system in their commission. When there is a position in a higher level of classification open in the human resource department, employees are encouraged to publish their political opinion and job proposal to the colleagues, subordinates and superiors. Then the employees in the department which has the open position will vote for the candidate they think would fit the position perfectly. According to the result, recruiter will assign a meeting with the most qualified candidates individually and give an evaluation for each of them. Finally, considering the candidates’ performance, competence, result of the election and the evaluation from the recruiter, human resource department will announce the appointment.

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