Comparison of Online Classes to Traditional Classes Essay

Comparison of Online Classes to Traditional Classes Essay

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When students are deciding on where to go to college at they have the option of choosing between online classes and the traditional classroom classes. Today some students are finding it much easier to maintain a job, family and start a college career all by taking online classes. Although some students still prefer to stick with the traditional classroom classes, they still have the option to take online classes. Both online and the traditional classes will provide the educational requirements needed to obtain a college degree and opportunities in the work field.
Although the online classes offer just as much as the traditional classes they are completely different when it comes to teaching methods, course material and time. One similarity that traditional class and online classes have in common is that they both can provide the proper education for the students to graduate with. There are several pros and cons about online classes and traditional classes but one of the biggest issues will always be time.
A main concern that many students have while attending college is time. Trying to find the time to work, spend time with their family, and go to school can be very stressful for some students. Someone who does not work, or doesn’t have kids might not have an issue with fitting time into their schedule for traditional classes. For the students who do have a busy life might find it harder to attend a traditional classroom, so they have the option of taking online classes and making the classes fit around their time schedule.
Another concern that some students might have is communication. Some students might not need to have a teacher in front of them and teach the course material to them, to whereas some students might need the te...

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...nditions. Students taking online classes might find it easier to attend family gatherings, traveling, and attended to personal needs. An online class allows the students to work on their own time, to whereas the traditional classes they have to stick with a schedule.
There are many differences in taking an online class and a traditional class, time, communication, teacher student ratio time and the teaching methods. Both courses still have some similarities between them and what they require the student to do. Both classes have its pros and cons on deciding what to take. Most people still prefer to take the traditional classes because the traditional classes offer a lot more than online classes. Even though online can be more convenient for some student it might not fit their needs, not having a teacher in front of them teaching can be very hard for them to learn.

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