Essay Comparison of Legislature on Sex Discrimination

Essay Comparison of Legislature on Sex Discrimination

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GOV (2012, p. 264) stated there were 186,300 sex discrimination claims recognized by the employment tribunals during 2012, a fifteen percent fall in the number of the previous year. This proclamation advocates that the introduction of the Equality Act 2010 can be perceived to have impacted positively on the challenge of balancing the relationship between men and women in the workplace.
Prior to legislation coming to force in order to protect individuals with differential characteristics from discrimination, it was accepted for employers to hire an individual of their choice. This statement indicates that an employer could decline a potential candidate on the basis of marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, race, gender reassignment, disability, age, sex or sexual orientation as it was not unlawful to practice in this manner Smith and Barker (2013, p. 301).
Prior Historical Acts that include the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919, delivered minimal assistance in retrospect of diminishing discrimination. The 1970’s saw the introduction of legislation that included the Equal pay Act (19070) and the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) in order to apprehend and condense discrimination consequently endeavouring promoting equality in the workplace.

Within this assignment discussion upon the influence of the Equal Pay Act 1970 and Sex Discrimination Act 1975 will be undergone in order to show the repercussions it has formed in the place of employment. This will enable an opinion to be formed on whether these acts enhanced equality in the workplace between men and women. This essay will correspondingly focus on the establishment of the Equality Act 2010, address facts such as the one stated formerly ...

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