Comparison Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey ' Essay

Comparison Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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Journal Book 9 : Polyphemus
Compare and Contrast: Polyphemus in The Odyssey is depicted as a one-eyed man eating cyclops. He is the son of Poseidon and lives in Sicily. When Odysseus came to the island, and decided to go into Polyphemus’ cave and start rummaging through things, what he did not realise is that the cave belonged to a giant. He trapped them in there, and ate two of Odysseus’ men for every meal (Homer 110). What Odysseus, being as smart as he is, did is that he tricked him and blinded him, and escaped on the unders of sheep. In the Theoi website, it states that Odysseus still tricked Polyphemus, but in a different way, “Odysseus was trying to persuade Polyphemos (Polyphemus) to let him out of the cave : ‘For I am a sorcerer,’ he said, ‘and I could give you timely help in your unsuccessful marine love” (Theoi). Odysseus in this variation, tells Polyphemus that he can fix his love, while this is not the case in The Odyssey, Odysseus did not try to persuade and trick Polyphemus with a lie, he devised a plan to blind him, and escape that way. This difference in how Odysseus escapes the cave is only slight, but that shows a major difference in the character of Odysseus and how he deals with his problems. Polyphemus changes his tone when given wine, as he says “‘Give me some more, kind sir, and at once tell your name, that I may give a stranger’s gift with which you shall be pleased’” (Homer 111). On some other versions of this tale, Polyphemus is not this kind in his words, as he laughs at Odysseus when he tries to escape (Theoi).
Inference: In infer that the reason behind Odysseus successfully tricking Polyphemus is because of his lack of intelligence. For once, he believed that the name of the person giving him the win...

... middle of paper ... this piece of art symbolised the change that Circe went through before and after meeting Odysseus. This painting was part of a 20 day project by Brian Pollett where he tries new drugs every day, and paints what that drug does to him. I thought that that connected with Circe trying to give Odysseus a potion (Homer 125). I believe the face in the left shows Circe before meeting Odysseus, with a red color, which represented the anger and rage that she had for people. The hand represents Odysseus, and his effect, and the face in the middle shows the change that Cice started to go through. The face in the right, now blue and cooled down, I believe shows Circe after Odysseus’ stay with her, and how that changed her. The size of the face also adds impact to the picture, it went from large to small, similar to how Circe went from anger/fear to everyone, to more accepting.

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