Comparison Of Homer 's The Iliad And Wolfgang Peterson 's Troy Essay examples

Comparison Of Homer 's The Iliad And Wolfgang Peterson 's Troy Essay examples

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Throughout the span of human existence numerous cultures have come and gone, however several of their stories have stood the test of time. One era in particular that has has had a myriad of different epics and stories, is that of the ancient Greeks. Many of the epics, such as The Iliad by Homer have been re-created by modern directors to illustrate the values of the time in which the story is currently being told. In this essay I will argue that the role of religion has drastically changed in the time that has passed between Homer 's The Iliad and WolfGang Peterson’s Troy. Particularity pertaining to the God 's as well as how certain characters are depicted, and the many situations in which they interact.

While the role of the God 's was extremely vital in the Iliad they did not have nearly as pivotal of a role in Troy. We see this very early on, when Agamemnon takes Chryseis the daughter of Chryses who also happens to be the priest of Apollo. When Agamemnon refuses to return Chryses ' daughter he prays to the God Apollo to punish the Greeks. Apollo obliges and strikes down the Greek soldiers with arrows which are represented in the form of the plague. While this particular scene is not shown in the movie, there is still a blatant disrespect to the God Apollo. This is shown when Achilles cuts the head off of the statue of Apollo after the first raid on Troy. These scenes are interesting because they distinctly show how much the two different cultures view retaliation from the Gods. In the time of the ancient Greeks, the gods were so sought after that even offending someone who is close to a particular god is enough to have you and anyone closely associated with you punished. However, in Troy after Achilles cuts t...

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...ns we expect the ones closest to us to protect us. Another example in which we see a difference in the two works is at any point in which Achilles interacts with his mother. This difference shows how that in todays culture we don’t look up to a multitude of Gods but rather we look up to our parents and trust there advice as if it was define truth.

The role of religion is different in the Iliad and Troy for many different ways, whether it be the role of the Gods, the role of the Demi-Gods and the way they interact with each other. The Importance of the Gods in The Iliad have almost been taken over by the role of the family. Whether it be the advice of the family or there overall involvement in plots the difference is undeniable. While they are different the core concepts have remained the test of time and will continue to do so very many more years to come.

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