Comparison Of Homer 's ' Epic Of Gilgamesh ' Essay

Comparison Of Homer 's ' Epic Of Gilgamesh ' Essay

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Odysseus and Gilgamesh are described in the two tales from different periods of time. Both characters are heroic representations of two ordinary men who are searching for the meaning of life. The two literary works portray them as men with certain special strengths even though they both make mistakes and experience the hardships of life. One is said to have metal strength while the other one has physical strength and this special trait helps them to find their own meaning of life through the trials and tribulations that they experience differently. This essay makes a comparison of these two tales using them as mirrors for each other.
When comparing the two tales, it is very clear that both heroic characters are men with similarities and differences. One important trait that is common between the two characters is that they both possess superhuman strength which makes them dangerous and this remains useful for them when protecting their people. For instance, they encounter near death experiences and utilize their supernatural strength in all their actions. In the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh,’ Gilgamesh on his journey acts selfishly when he uproots trees from the forbidden forest, kills the Bull of Heaven and challenges the gods. Gilgamesh sets out to slay an evil giant named Humbaba. In this quest, Gilgamesh made the same choice that Achilles would make during the Trojan War: He would rather risk a short but glorious life than settle for a long, safe one (Osborn, 1998 pg. 34).
Similarly, after the war that lasted ten years in Troy, Odysseus encounters angered gods, also known as Cyclops, together with other obstinate goddesses and the underworld who are all after his wife, Penelope (Amin, 2015). He introduces himself to the Cyclops as ‘...

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... hardship when trying to find the meaning of life. The modern culture attributes the two epics to the ways in which knowledge can be used to find the meaning of life. The trials and tribulations in their lives help them to find meaning in their lives just like any other ordinary men could do. Modern culture attributes the fate of a hero to a goal that is met and the hero is given glory at the end.
In a brief conclusion, one can see the struggles and triumphs of the two heroes throughout their journeys as normal life. They both seem to be strong and dangerous people but still protect the ordinary people. The two tales reflect on the journeys of two heroes who meet the supernatural. They both encounter difficulties which they eventually overcome as epic heroes who return back from extremity to the normal livelihood to live the same life of any other man in the society.

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