Comparison Of Four Views On Salvation Essay

Comparison Of Four Views On Salvation Essay

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Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World is a collection of essays, which presents contending views on salvation. Outlining their case, and also responding and critiquing each, the authors John Hick, Clark Pinnock, Alister McGrath, R. Douglas Geivett, and W. Gary Phillips provide the reader a platform for discussion. The book begins with the pluralistic view, where Hick argues salvation as being universally available through all ethical religions. Set apart from Hick’s liberal position, the three other views are progressively conservative. These views range from inclusivism (Pinnock), to particularism (McGrath), and finally exclusive particularism (Geivett and Phillips). Objectively, the purpose of the book is to promote the importance of discussing and validating salvation claims made by any faith-based religions.
Within the broad aspects of theology, soteriology is an important doctrine that entails the work of biblical salvation, including God 's work of planning salvation for mankind throughout eternity. As a result, soteriology is marked by conservative Christians as a fundamental belief of the Christian faith. In this publication, all four authors acknowledge the need for human salvation, regardless of how detracted their position is from orthodox Christianity. Personally, soteriology offers a better understanding of God’s work in individuals after receiving salvation. Notably, I believe soteriology casts light on the “conditional” (or “unconditional”) preservation of the saints. In comparison to other faiths, only Christ offers the fullest guarantee of an individual being accepted by God. Despite this remarkable truth, Paul cautions Titus to encourage fellow believers in doing what is good (Titus 3:5-8). Is there a h...

... middle of paper ... hermeneutics and purity of historical Christian tradition. Aside from contending the exact mechanism of salvation, the book discloses the theological bedrock used to characterize God. Within the space of the book itself, both Hick and Pinnock present a syncretized picture of Christianity with world religion and culture. Thus, both cases appeared less appealing and more distorting of Christ and the gospel. Left between McGrath and Geivett/ Phillips, the case presented is more difficult to resolve. The Geivett/ Phillips view espouses a logical and evidential condition to receiving salvation, which appears to undermine the mysterious and glorious work of the Holy Spirit in an individual’s heart. Therefore, I find McGrath’s position as the reasonable and correct view. In my opinion and understanding of the Bible, God’s salvation work cannot be bound to human agency.

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