Comparison Of Fleur And Sir Quentin Essay

Comparison Of Fleur And Sir Quentin Essay

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Both Fleur and Sir Quentin analyze and pore over each small nuance that everyone does; however, they analyze people for different reasons. Upon first meeting Sir Quentin, Fleur is immediately absorbed in his mannerism saying that “What gave me great happiness was [Sir Quentin’s] gift to me of the finger-tips of his hands touching each other” (11). Then, during her meeting, Fleur feels a strong “[longing] to be outside walking in the park and chewing over Sir Quentin’s character in [her] mind before even finding out any more about him” (13). Fleur notices that the youngest member of The Triad Press, “Leopold…gave a little jump in his chair when he has something to say which excited him” (160). Not only does Fleur notice the outward actions that characters do, she, being a poet, is able to describe outward appearance of the characters vividly. For instance, she describes Revisson Doe as “having a small bald head of the shiny type that [she] always wanted to stroke if [she] sat behind it in church or at the theatre” (63). Her artistic genius allows her to view the world creatively, paying attention to minute details that surround her. In addition, Fleur uses the small mannerisms that she garnishes from her surroundings to fuel her creativity while she is writing her novel. Fleur states that “[she] was finding it extraordinary how, throughout all the period [she] had been working on the novel, right from Chapter One, characters and situations, and images, and phases that [she] absolutely need for the book simply appeared as if from nowhere into my range of perception” (11). Her ability to find these details creates her well-being: it allows her to be a writer. Similar to Fleur’s fascination to finding inspiration from small details, S...

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...r Quentin tries to bring fiction into the real world. For instance, Sir Quentin is able to persuade the members that the facts that Fleur has created in the biographies were true. For instance, Sir Finlay tells Sir Quentin that he thinks that “[his] memoirs have been tampered with”. In response, Sir Quentin says, “Are you sure? How can you be sure if you were locked in the pantry at the time? In your revised memoir, you found out about their prank from a footman. But if in reality…” (31). Sir Quentin himself believes that the false statements that Fleur had added are actually real. In fact, Fleur notices that Sir Quentin autobiography “sounded stiff and false, occurred at points where they strained themselves into a constancy and steadies that they evidently wished to possess but didn’t” (31). Fleur could easily see how Quentin could not discern fiction from reality.

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