Comparison of Engaged Students and Passive Students Essay

Comparison of Engaged Students and Passive Students Essay

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Most of the people want to succeed, beside that they want to be respected by others. Some people tend more respect to a person who has good knowledge and more intellectual. So, They general way of approached is pursuing their education. Then after further classifying, there are divided into two different types of student in the university. One became engaged students, while the other became passive students. Engaged students are who can get the learning environment, so they understand the new information from their lecture and can execute the prior knowledge into new knowledge about the content then practice using it. While, passive students are who assumed attending the course will fill their minds with knowledge.
Dr. Michael Schmoker said “a study that found of 1,500 classrooms visited, only 15 percent of the classrooms had more than half of the class at least paying attention to the lesson.”. Everyone is different, indeed. But there is a possibility that they have a similarity. The similarities between engaged students and passive students are being taught by same tutors, same materials, in the same learning environment, both of them also have a same goal which is to graduate and get a job or start their own business, and the last similarity is acknowledged from university societies which means engaged students need to be acknowledged academically, while passive students need to be acknowledged by their position in organization. Both engaged and passive students realize the importance to have a good education that is required to get a decent job, but they have different path to pursue it.
Despite both of them has similarity, they also have different type to pursue their education. The differences are student’s expectation, ...

... middle of paper ...

...ative and the quantitative in science.
In conclusion, we should balance between academia and organization. It is not all about getting excellent marks but how well we can execute the learning process to provide our soft skills that later will lead us to success.

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