Essay about Comparison Of Australian And Singaporean Management Styles

Essay about Comparison Of Australian And Singaporean Management Styles

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Comparison of Australian and Singaporean management styles with each other
Singapore and Australia are two countries located in the South East region of the world. Singapore are considered a part of Asia, while Australia is considered to be a part of the Oceania or the Australasia continent. The two countries are separated by just over 2700 miles, the countries are that not far apart geographically but when it comes to management styles in business activities, the two couldn’t be more dissimilar.
Australia is a relaxed and individualistic culture. The manager recognizes that the employees are professionals and they know what they are doing. The manager would spend as little time discussing the way a job needs to be done as possible. He recognizes the fact that the employees know how to complete their jobs in the most effective manner and then he moves on to letting them do their jobs as they want. The main aim of the manager is to get the job done and not micromanage the employees. Micromanaging the employee makes it harder for the manager to look into all aspects of the job and do his own job at the same time. This also gives the workers very little room to wiggle and do their jobs in their own ways. A manager is the boss and he knows a little bit about most of the things but he would not know the best way of doing all the jobs hence the workers are hired. The people who are more qualified to do their own jobs are given space to do the job in the way they deem best. The working culture in Australia is also very individualistic. People are driven by achievements for themselves. Internal competition between employees is encouraged to motivate them to work harder than they are doing at the moment. The employees are believed to be...

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...employees don’t, and then it turns out to hold the key of business success in the future. Both the cultures encourage forging of business relationships while doing business. When the network of a manager grows, it helps the business gain new friends and can help them with various ventures in the future such as a time when raw material was needed on a short notice or when the business needed help on a major problem (Wei et al., 2001) Forging close partnerships and relationships with other business managers is a must for a successful business in the long run. Meeting of deadlines is equally important in both cultures as well. This is considered to have an enormous impact on the image of the manager in Australia, because it is an individualistic culture, while it is considered to have an impact on the image of the company in Singapore, due to its collectivist culture.

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