Comparison of Aciphex to Prilosec Essay

Comparison of Aciphex to Prilosec Essay

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Looking deeper into the world of pharmaceutical advertising, this paper will focus on two gastrointestinal medication advertisements. Both were found in popular magazines targeted at women and are for the treatment of frequent heartburn symptoms. This paper will critique the advertisements individually, then compare and contrast them to each other. Additionally, the pathophysiology of heartburn will be described along with the effects the medications have on them. It of interest to note that the Food and Drug Administration regulate prescription drug advertising while the Federal Trade Commission regulates over-the-counter drug advertising; therefore the requirements for each type of advertisement vary (Consumer Healthcare Products, 2010).
Aciphex Critique
A magazine advertisement shows a slightly overweight man barbequing in his backyard. He is approximately 40-years-old and he is smiling. Written near the pictured man, the advertisement reads, “Can Aciphex relieve your frequent heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux disease” (Aciphex, 2009) The advertisement may be leading the reader to wonder if the gentleman is planning to overeat at his barbeque dinner.
Below the half-page photograph, the advertisement states, “If you experience frequent heartburn (2 or more days a week), despite treatment and diet changes, you may have acid reflux disease. Talk to a doctor about your condition and ask if ACIPHEX is right for you” (Aciphex, 2009). This statement is designed to prompt the reader to wonder if they have persistent heartburn and perhaps need this new medication. As expected, the sidebar of the advertisement discusses important safety information, such as possible side effects and drug interactions...

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