Comparison: Danish & English Primary School Essay

Comparison: Danish & English Primary School Essay

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In ascertaining the differences and similarities between European and Western neighbours in how education serves its purpose, this essay will address various areas that concern the historical, political and social perspectives of primary schooling between both Danish and its English counterparts with reference to key issues such as relevant areas of concern. Thus highlighting matters such as the difference in starting ages; varied approaches to the curriculum and assessments in how both countries address its education, it is therefore significant in evaluating the backgrounds in both the Danish and English primary schools. This essay will emphasise how influential factors in education has developed in light of the twenty-first century, evaluating ideology which has directed both primary schools aims and outcomes that exemplifies the difficult outlook of education and learning viewed by its pupils as well as the teachers. Furthermore, highlighting and providing evidence for the importance of understanding the socio-cultural context and how learning takes place to meet the requirements and reinforce analysis on educational modifications in comparing educational systems and their outcome and effectiveness, this essay endeavours to provide knowledge, in comparing both countries’ primary schooling.
In looking at how education within the primary sector is organised between Denmark and England, it is necessary to examine the brief historical and political influences in order to pay homage to the structure and processes of both primary schools in reference with these chosen countries. In Denmark, the outcome for the educational system evolves from their culture and values that accentuates an individualism approach, thus, creating a pol...

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... pupils allowing for egalitarianism ship in addition to lifelong learning based upon its tradition for education. One may suggest that the absence of an evaluation system in Danish primary schooling provides Danish teachers with the proficiency of pastoral duties therefore, allowing particular interest with regards to the readiness of their pupils unlike its English counterparts. Teachers in the UK are constrained through teaching the curriculum, therefore, the child’s emotional, social and cognitive development is limited to the outer environment and therefore not the responsibility of schooling unlike its Danish counterparts, which is a shared responsibility of that of the school as well as the pupil’s home life. However, both countries share relatively the same traditions of education with the exception of evaluations throughout the extent of primary schooling.

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