Comparison Between Web Dubois And Booker T. Washington Essay

Comparison Between Web Dubois And Booker T. Washington Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay
WEB Dubois and Booker T. Washington are both very influential speakers from the civil rights movement. They are responsible for two speeches written ten years apart that had huge effects on their societies. Although both speeches worked towards a racially equal society, Washington takes a slower approach where blacks start at the bottom of society and work their way to better opportunities while Dubois is looking for quicker solutions, and is more demanding of equality as he believes everyone should have equal opportunity right away. This strategy is more effective because he uses stronger diction and demands something to stop, instead of encouraging people to do what is right. Despite these differences, both speeches are rooted in morals that discourage violence and encourage unity in the nation, which is what has lead the speeches to be so influential.
Washington attempts to better the future by showing that slow but authentic change is the best way to go in order to create a better future. He points out that negroes have just gotten out of slavery and can’t expect to start at the top of society, instead he takes a more practical approach. He proposes that his race should invest their “Brains and skill into common occupations of life” (Washington 2), where they can be successful and still maintain as much dignity as anyone else. Washington develops this idea through the use of an extended metaphor that says “Cast down your buckets where you are” (Washington 1). This extended metaphor means blacks were encouraged to make friends to the whites despite their past relations. And, the white people were encouraged allow blacks to buy their land and work in their factories. Washington continues the me...

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...lieves so that it cannot be altered. Dubois begins a paragraph by saying “We do not believe in violence”(dubois 2), to convey to his readers exactly what was said in a way that cannot be misinterpreted. He also uses strong diction words like “barbarous” to convey to his readers the importance of morales. Washington developes this topic by focusing on the way negroes have acted towards whites in the past with loyalty. He expresses how they intend to continue in their humble way in the future despite the way white people might be treating them. However, did a much better job explaining how morales impacted his movement by taking more time out of his speech for this particular topic and using strong diction words.
In all it can be seen that Dubois was more effective in encouraging people to fight for racial equality through “persistent, unceasing agitation” (Dubois 2).

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