Comparison Between Sugar And Beverage Intake And Children Aged 5-10 Of United Kingdom And Republic Of Kazakhstan

Comparison Between Sugar And Beverage Intake And Children Aged 5-10 Of United Kingdom And Republic Of Kazakhstan

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Comparison of sugar and beverage intake in children aged 5-10 of United Kingdom and Republic of Kazakhstan and its effect on weight status.


Diet is naturally seen as the key determinant in the prevention, development and treatment of childhood obesity (Krebs et al., 2003). The traditional Kazakh diet is based mainly on meat, served with nоodles or rice, diet also contains various types fermented dairy products (Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, 2016). The typical diet is still strongly influenced by diet of Kazakh nomads, consumption of meat is very high – approximately 67.2 kg per person per year (Kazakhstan Today Media Group, 2016).
Obesity and overweight are defined as excessive or abnormal fat accumulation that may harm people’s health (WHO, 2015). Body mass index (BMI) is the weight-for-height index used to identify overweight and obese people. In World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) definition BMI greater or equal to 25 is classified as overweight, greater or equal 30 – obese (WHO, 2006). According to the WHO’s research in 2013, 55.6% of the adult population in Kazakhstan were classified as overweight and 23.7% as obese (WHO, 2013). While in the UK Numbers are different - 24.8% of the population are obese and 61.7% are overweight or obese (Health Survey for England, 2014).
Among children – studies carried out cоuntrywide in Kazakhstan have demоnstrated a significant increase in the number of obese and overweight children – 10% of children are currently classified as overweight (Parliament of Republic of Kazakhstan, 2016).
In UK data available from the Health Survey for England (HSE) demonstates, that in 2014 31.2% of children aged 2 to 5 were classed as either overweight or obese (HSE, 2015).
Comparing percentag...

... middle of paper ... large cross sectional studies with long period to follow up investigated positive association between greater intake of sugary products and drinks and weight gain (Malik et al., 2006). Findings from short period studies also support link between high sugar intake and overweight and obesity, however these trials are few (Malik et al., 2006). In Kazakhstan there haven 't conducted such studies yet, however there are a lot of warnings in the social media about risks of high sugary products intake (International News Agency, 2014).


24-hour recall might be difficult to attempt by parents due to required recalling of every meal and snack consumed by their children as in that age (5-10 years) some parents don’t always control their children diet themselves, but let child minders help. In that case 24-hour recall will be conducted with help of child minder.

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