Comparison between Pope Boniface VIII and Pope Francis Essay

Comparison between Pope Boniface VIII and Pope Francis Essay

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Comparision in Leadership
Pope Boniface V111 vs current Pope Francis
Leaders of the Catholic Church

When it comes to the topic of leadership, most of us will agree that we are curious as well as critical of our leaders, and their actions. Political and religious leaders are often under close scrutiny. As influential leaders they set the vision, tone and goals of any organization. Hence, a leader 's , behavior and leadership style are constantly scrutinized and if appropriate, their leadership traits ought to positively impact followers. According to Northouse (2012), “A leader affects and is affected by followers and both leader and followers are affected in turn by the situation that surrounds them”(p.5). Efficient leaders are remembered by their visions and actions.
Leadership can be defined as “A process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2012, p.6). Leadership is the ability to care, and in caring, engage, ignite, and mobilize followers. Furthermore, a leader's character is an integral part of leadership. If a leader is perceived as dishonest, self-centered or ruthless these qualities will affect his. Followers generally react negatively, confused, or uncertain, and will less likely to focus on achieving the desired goals of the organization. Our religious leaders are evaluated regularly and their character do affect our perception of their leadership. This paper will explore the characteristics of Pope BonifaceVIII, a pope during the early fourteenth century, and Pope Francis, the current pope of the Catholic Church.
Pope BonifaceVIII was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church for over...

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