Comparison Between Obama 's Affordable Care Act Of 2010 And Clinton 's Health Reform Plan

Comparison Between Obama 's Affordable Care Act Of 2010 And Clinton 's Health Reform Plan

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Apples to Oranges
With the passing of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), focus tends to be with President Obama as the creator of the health care act. The public has forgotten that this health care plan had origins with President Bill Clinton, who assigned his wife the task of creating. This paper will look at the comparison between Obama’s Affordable Care Act of 2010 and Clinton’s Health Reform Plan, the pros and cons of the ACA, and three changes that could be made to improve on the legislation.
Comparing the Health Care Reform Plan to the ACA, is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both fruits, but it ends there. The apples here are a universal coverage for all Americans and taxes. In the Reform Plan, taxes, general tax, and long-term care tax provisions are covered under Title 2 of the plan. The ACA, did not specifically detail a tax act, but did discuss under Title 9, revenue divisions. Most acknowledged by Americans across the nation, is the tax penalty mandated during the filing of federal taxes for those who do not comply to the mandated law requiring the person to have credible health care coverage. The third comparison of both plans are based on public opinion. Both plans did not gain the full trust of the public, “public distrustful of government and its capabilities”, (Bok, 1998). Clinton’s plan, led by his wife was done more secretly, “criticism involves the President’s use of a task force, headed by wife, that operated in secret”, (Bok, 1998). Because of the hidden agendas of the Clinton health plan, people see only one aspect to the ACA and that is in regards to the tax penalty, but they do not fully comprehend what the total package of the plan offers. An example of this would be in Title 5, ...

... middle of paper ... that will satisfy the needs of the insurance carrier, the providers or the consumers. However, all can do their due diligence to work together; providers need to offer the most services at a reasonable and fair cost, insurers need to offer the available plans to get the coverage needed without all the limitations, and consumers must acquire the knowledge to make an informed decision knowing what is available, and how it works, and the best way to utilize the services. The Nation is all in this together, and together they need to unite to find common ground. With this being said, the information provided here should have explained the comparisons between Clinton’s Health Care Reform Plan and the current Affordable Care Act of 2010, analyzed the pros and cons within the ACA, and provided three recommendations as to what could be done to improve on the legislation.

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