Comparison Between My Sql Server 5.5 And Ms Sql Essay

Comparison Between My Sql Server 5.5 And Ms Sql Essay

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Comparison of features between MY SQL server 5.5 and MS SQL server 2014

There are many SQL (structured query language) servers which are also called DBMS ( database management systems ) out there in the market but the few of them are very famous and widely used, to name some of them are MS SQL, ORACLE and MY SQL.MY SQL is also owned by oracle corporation. Although there are many similarities between MS SQL and MY SQL there are also some key differences which set them apart from each other, which we will be going to discuss some of them.
Here are some particular specialized contrasts in MySQL and SQL Server when it comes down to the ANSI SQL standard: Features like stored procedures, triggers, views, and cursors become into a part of the MySQL database server in MySQL form 5.5 and still you won 't locate a rich list of capabilities set as development functions and abilities. However MySQL 's put away code-items are near to ANSI benchmarks, yet once more, they don 't have the expansiveness and depth as of MS SQL.
Security is one of the main concern in terms of data management. And here both the applications comply with the regulations of EC2 which verify them to be secure enough to support government applications. Going down the line Microsoft 's SQL Server, drives the path in offering all-round security highlights, as Microsoft 's Baseline Security Analyser helps Database administrators to ensure that the SQL server installation is up to date. Where as compared to that of MY SQL there is no such tool to make sure that the sql is updated.
Data access tools are designed so that they gives opportunity to the developers and administrators to be more effective when they define and test connections with remote database servers. The dat...

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...ices accordingly.
Graphical user interface enables users to perform tasks in the most easiest possible way by opening a wide window for the users to understand the preferences and apply them to the application as demanded. When compared to that of cli where user has to understand each step of the process and write a query in command format which instructs the server to perform the task. These GUI’s are developed in such a way that these can be connected to more than one databases on the same system where the user can alter and manipulate data using single GUI which allows you to perform the tasks. You can easily execute queries without typing the commands with GUI by selecting appropriate options which makes it user friendly even with the person with minimal knowledge of database. All the features of GUI differ from one DBMS ( database management system ) to other.

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