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Comparison Between Judaism And Christianity Essay

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A comparison of Judaism and Christianity offers many thought-provoking viewpoints on the issues of faith that symbolizes and splits them. These two faith have much in common, but there are a lot underlying variations between them- such separating factors that some foolish Christians who thought of such a man named Adolf Hitler and the people like them considered themselves Christians but he had such a hatred for Jews.. What makes the contrast between Judaism and Christianity appealing is that, in spite of the much later foundation of Christianity, the two faiths were in extracting” separated at birth”, because Christianity grew out of Judaism.
The similarities between Christianity and Judaism are very simple to distinguish because both faiths believe in one god- the very same God of Abraham in the Bible. This God is the origin and source of all that exist. God cares about the entire creation and desires of the well –being. God is just and has provided basics rules for our guidance’s so that we may be good and righteous, according the God intention. This is the God that is Merciful by his grace that we are given strength to be more like more like him and his image. (Walters & Tobin, 2010.)
Let us look where followers in each religion worship. We will start with Christianity and they can worship in a church, chapel, home, or even in a bible study. Judaism must worship in a Synagogues which the Western hall of Jerusalem. Within these religion one may practices prayer, communion and reading of the Bible (Christianity), the other one (Judaism) has a scheduled prayer three times a day Moring, afternoon and the evening. (Wilson, 1989.)
The salvation between the two religions is as follows Christianity (through Christ, passion, deat...

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...those around nothing else matters but giving the best care possible. As far as my personal healing opinions-, I do believe that the power of prayer is very powerful because when Gods children come together pray, things happen in a way no one can describe. Prime example and when someone you know is sick or in the hospital. They want them to give them good vibes so every on sent out their prayers and it seems it works and the person gets betters. My thing in life is when a door shuts maybe god shut it for a reason for something better to come along. It definitely took me a long time to understand that concept and trust in the Lord. I do not have much patience but every day I am constantly seeking the Lord for the patience and wait on him. I may not like his answer right now but I know in the end it totally worth it. He knows what I need and in his time, it will happen.

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