Comparison between Hypatia and Marvin Gaye Essay examples

Comparison between Hypatia and Marvin Gaye Essay examples

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Thank you! After reviewing the question, I saw that I failed to compare my week one person, which was Marvin Gaye to Hypatia. However there are few things I would consider in this comparison between Hypatia and Marvin Gaye as far as developmental processes are concerned.

First the obvious one is that one Hypatia was a female scholar who grew up in a stable home and learned different skills from her father. I will also mention the fact that, she was born in the time female were not consider to be equal to man intellectually. She was a woman of an impressive intelligence and knowledge, who was caught between religion and freedom of intellectual freedom. She was a very prominent figure in her time considering she taught philosophy, mathematics, and astrology in Serapis Temple which was also known to be one of the larger libraries of that time. On the other hand we have Marvin Gaye, a son of a preacher who grew up playing music in his father church. He was a very talented musician of more recent time who became famous and accepted by his fan for his music.

Considering social ef...

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