Essay on Comparison Between Chomsky 's Film, Catherine As A Frail Young Woman

Essay on Comparison Between Chomsky 's Film, Catherine As A Frail Young Woman

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This pushed her to seek the help of a British ambassador who would teach her the trade secrets of political work. It was through this ambassador that she would learn to buy allies and information. This was the first time the audience becomes explicitly aware of the political cunningness that Catherine is capable of wielding. She uses this time in her life to gather resources to make well-educated decisions that gain her the most amount of power in the court. This is a very different perspective that the audience is seeing compared to Chomsky’s version. In Chomsky’s film, Catherine is portrayed as a frail young woman who is in constant need of help from her advisors to make any large decisions that may have any political danger. Between the two films, the audiences develop two completely different images of the same historical figure because of how the directors of each movie decided to present their material. Even the contributing individuals within the films appear vastly different depending on how they are presented.
The third point of change among sources is how Peter is portrayed. In the first film, he is seen as a rich drunken playboy who may or may not be incapable of ruling Russia, but that is slightly overshadowed due to the maturity issues that Chomsky shows Catherine having that could also be a problem for her also ruling. In his film about the historical couple, neither was fit to rule because one was a hormonal teenager who could only make decisions if her advisors told her what she should do, and the other was only concerned with sleeping with his whore.
However, Davidson and Burgess take a different approach towards representing Peter to the audience. The directors present him as not being a drunken playboy, but a c...

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...Catherine’s story that was not addressed in the two films was her fascination with the Enlightenment period. Sumner goes into detail about how the Enlightenment period heavily influenced her reign, policies enacted, and reforms instituted.
The second point that is different compared to the two previous sources is that Catherine’s major concern is dedicated towards modernizing Russia instead of gaining a powerful political base or finding true love. Sumner uses many examples to illustrate this is her focus throughout her reign. The first example pertained to wars that were won under Catherine’s reign that expanded Russia’s borders far south to the shores of the Black Sea. This provided a larger amount of resources and new serfs to provide their country with more wealth and power. The second example of Catherine trying to modernize Russia was her infatuation with the

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