Essay about Comparing Two Countries: Norway and El Salvador

Essay about Comparing Two Countries: Norway and El Salvador

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Norway & El Salvador

Norway and El Salvador by no means have many similarities if any at all, for instance the official language in Norway is Bokmal Norwegian while El Salvador's official language is Spanish. Not only are their languages different but so are their religious beliefs with Norway having 82.1% of its population belonging to the Church of Norway making their official religion Evangelical Lutheran and El Salvador having 57.1% of its population being Roman Catholic and going to a Roman Catholic Church. These differences alone can tell anyone that these two countries are totally different.
For starters Norway and El Salvador are two totally different countries when it comes to a geographical perspective with Noway being located in Northern Europe bordering the North Sea and El Salvador located in Central America bordering the Pacific Ocean. To get a better idea of the two countries in size Norway is slightly larger than New Mexico and El Salvador is slightly smaller than Massachusetts. Also not to mention that El Salvador is the smallest Central America country that doesn't border the Caribbean Sea unlike all the other countries in Central America.
The terrain of the two countries is also very different with Norway being mostly glaciated, having high plateaus, and having rugged mountains broken by fertile valleys; thus El Salvador being mostly made up of mountains with narrow coastal belts and having very few central plateaus.
The climate of the Norway and El Salvador i have to say is almost a total opposite with Norway being fairly cold and in the summer the weather forecast is mainly rain, while in El Salvador the climate is very warm with that tropical feel to it, however El Salvador is more temperate in the up...

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... do think that people will act a different way if that get to be involved like a democracy were its an equal decision. It seems like El Salvador has a higher import rate with the US because both countries have items and good that the other wants and needs. As for the unemployment rate i cant seem to understand how El Salvador has a higher rate because they have a lot of exports thus needing more people to work; this is just one question that i wont understand.
All in all, i can say that after today i know more about El Salvador and Norway then i should probably know. This being said because i know more about these countries then i know about my own country that i live in and call home.

Work Cited

The World Factbook 2013-14. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 2013 .

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