Comparing Two Articles on Architecture

Comparing Two Articles on Architecture

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In the history of architecture there often was a discrepancy between what the architect wants to design and what the client wants to have. In fact, sometimes an architect will do a great design and acquire awards for his design but maybe the client or user have an aversion to it. Stater (2002) and Misra (2002) argue this issue in a distinct way.

In the article " it is just not Cricket", Stater (2002) explain the relationships between the architect and clients in different cases and gives two building as examples. The first case that the author shows in this article is the status of the architect who does not talk with any one and has the knowledge and the confidence, while what the client does not like may becomes secondary. Moreover, client has different situations of behavior such as incoherent, unconscious or very probably uninterested (Stater 2002). On the other hand, he said that the job of the architect seems like the doctor's job, for instance of that is when the patient come to the GP's doctor he tell him about his problems and symptoms. As a result the doctor finds the best treatment and solution for his problems. In the same way the client come to the architect and have same strategies.

In terms of negative architecture design, the explanation of Stater (2002) can be seen in two examples of buildings which are the Bevin Court and the Media Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Although these buildings have significant designs in terms of moderation and technique, they are not functional and inconvenience for clients. The reason of that the architect did not discuss the design with the client (Stater 2002).

Conversely, in the article "Whose House Is It? Exploring User Participation in the Design Process of Residences" Misra (2002) explores that the design process must support the user needs. As well as, the author said that the architecture should be reflected and reinforced by the nature of gender, race and class relations in society. However Misra (2002) discussed four main points in seven projects in India which are the issue of user participation in the design of built environment, the architectural design process in the case of individual project is outlined, and the clients involvement, the patterns of clients-user participation evident and finally some institutional aspects that act systemically to maintain patters of user participation are outlined.

In the aspect of the design of the built environment, Misra (2002) states that the behavior setting for individual and groups are the meaning of the built environment.

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Thus, the product in the built environment does not show the real design process. In fact, the client and the professional must make the right decision by discuss that collectively. For example, in India the built environment does not enforce completely around the country.

The article suggests some useful methods to achieve the design process and the involvement. Misra (2002) claims that the decision of design process must be not modified by the clients or the architect without taken the permission. There are many beneficial solutions to avoid the modification, and creating models before begin build the project is one of these solutions.

It can be seen from the above texts that there are similar views between the two articles in terms of the relationships between the architect and client. Both Stater (2002) and Misra (2002) believe that the architect needs to discuss the design process with client.

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