Comparing Turbochargers Vs. Superchargers

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Turbochargers vs. Superchargers Turbochargers are far more superior to superchargers in the world of forced induction (The process of delivering compressed air into a combustion engine). For the price you pay and the power you get, turbos have always prevailed as the obvious choice. Turbos are superior because they: create more power; are more efficient; and in the long run cost less than a supercharger would that creates the same power as the turbo. So what are turbos and superchargers? Both are used to suck in more air than a naturally aspirated car, (one without modifications), to compress air and send it into the combustion chamber, which creates more power. Turbos do this by utilizing the exhaust gasses from an engine to spin a turbine which then pulls in the air through an intercooler to cool the hot exhaust air which is then put back into the engine. A supercharger is mounted on top of the engine, and is coupled with a pulley which is then connected to the crankshaft of the car via a belt. As the car’s crankshaft turns, the screws of the supercharger are spun, which suck in more air at the expense of how fast the crankshaft is going. Turbos have many advantages over superchargers. One being that the turbo uses the exhaust gas of your engine to spin or spool up the turbine to create pressurized air. This pressurized air is called “boost” which can be achieved in increments of either pounds per square inch, or bar. The amount of boost created by a turbo is determined by how big the turbine is. The larger the turbine, the more airflow from the exhaust can be utilized to spool up the turbine and create higher amounts of pressure. When the turbo does not spool up fast enough to keep up with the engine, it results in a delay ... ... middle of paper ... ...make the same amount of horsepower that a turbo could. This matters to those who want to make more power in their car more efficiently with a low price point in mind. By choosing a supercharger over a turbo, you’re in for less power, which almost defeats the purpose of trying to make your car faster! You could take a little more time and money off the get go to install a turbo and put a bigger smile on your face when the boost hits instead always having to do little things to create more power with a supercharger. Turbo’s are newer than superchargers which can explain why they aren’t used all the time. All the old school guys out there are used to supercharging because it’s what they’ve always known. If we can get them to realize the gains of turbo’s over superchargers and start with the older generation, everyone else will fall in behind to experience greatness.

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