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Comparing Theories Of Child Development Essays

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Compare and contrast two theories of child development
Moral development
Moral development is the understanding of what 's right and what 's wrong . This is what is needed in life to make the right decisions in life the moral development is based on child 's experiences and environment . The theorist that I have chosen is Piaget and Kohlberg theory’s .
Jean Piaget was the first psychologist to suggest a theory of moral development .He believed that there was three stages the children go through to make moral development. He indicates that moral development, similar to cognitive development, takes place through-out stages (Piaget, 1932).
Lawrence Kohlberg (1958) agreed with Piaget 's (1932) theory of moral development in principle but wanted to develop his ideas further. Kohlberg believes that the individual 's friends and parents are able to improve his thought in facing moral issues, Kohlberg 's main assumption puts forward that the individual 's type of reasoning when confronting a moral issue Kohlberg came up with Heinz to find out the peoples moral views and beliefs.
Both Kohlberg and Piaget agree that cognitive development is a necessary but not sufficient condition for moral development, i.e. cognitive development sets a limit on maturity of moral reasoning, with moral development usually lagging behind cognitive development. (, 2015)

Piaget and Kohlberg theory
Their main interest remains in the description of the characteristics of the stages of individual moral reasoning and valuing of norms and community, and not the study of the process of acceleration towards the independent moral phase.
According to Piaget development comes from actions and people constru...

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...s at different times for example piaget said that they should be able to count to ten in stage 2 but I know a child who is under 2 and can count to ten and nearly all the way back down to 0 and in previous places I know a higher up child in the age of 7-11 and he struggles to do his maths up to ten and back so it all depends on the speed of the child.

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(, 2015)
Lawrence Kohlberg (1958)
Piaget 's (1932

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