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Comparing The Scarlet Letter And Crucible Essay

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Comparison and contrast is the way people notice similarities and differences between different subjects, ideas, texts, or objects. The process of comparison and contrast in literature is used to help readers really learn to connect texts and look for the little details that help identify them for what they are. Students especially use this method to help study and understand the texts. In the history of American literature, Scarlet Letter and Crucible, can be compared and contrasted in many different ways with multiple ideas defining them.
Throughout Scarlet Letter and Crucible, one major similarity is the time setting. Both appear to have occurred in the early settling of the American colonies, particularly Massachusetts. “Hester Prynne, therefore, did not flee. On the outskirts of the town, within the verge of the peninsula, but not in close vicinity to any other habitation, there was a small thatched cottage,” this describing Hester Prynne’s house on the edges of Boston in Scarlet Letter. (pg. 55, paragraph 3) The Crucible happened to take place in Salem, which is also located in Massachusetts. “His house stood in the “town” - but we today would hardly call it a village. The meeting house was nearby, and from this point outward - toward the bay or inland - there were a few small-windowed, dark houses snuggling against the raw Massachusetts winter. Salem had been established hardly forty years before,” here, the Crucible is describing Reverend Parris’ small abode. (pg. 1126 paragraph 2) “The settings in both The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible are similar in many ways. The Scarlet Letter takes place around the 1640s, as The Crucible occurs in 1692. The time period is very important in both pieces, because it is a time of relig...

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...ale. “Come thou, and entreat his blessing! He loves thee, my little Pearl, and loves thy mother, too,” (Ch. 19, paragraph 32) said Hester, while talking to her daughter about going to see Dimmesdale. She clearly stated that that Dimmesdale loves her, and she wants Pearl to love him as well. Love and lust is a prevailing comparison between the texts.
The comparison and contrast among Scarlet Letter and Crucible is very easily identified. A few examples of comparisons being; the time and setting, the effect of Puritan influences, and the role of reputation in each piece. Just as they are comparable, some contrasts; the consequences of committing adultery, the struggles that characters dealt with, and the reasons as to why they committed adultery in the first place. The analogies and variation between the two are what set them apart in pieces of American Literature.

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