Essay on Comparing The Pre And Post Assesment

Essay on Comparing The Pre And Post Assesment

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The parts of the problem that he errored in were fixed when he did it for the class, you could tell these were the tricky ones for him because it would make him slow down and really examine the problem and digits closely. I believe Brayden has imporved his mathmatical skills when comparing the pre and post assesment. I do belive though he needs a lot more of individualized help. He cannot yet perform addition and subtraction problems without using his fingers. He still does not grasp the knowledge of when he should be counting up or counting down. If I had more time with Brayden I would forget about what he learned during the school day and go straight to working on his number sense issues. I would then start to bring in basic math problems and strive for success after the number sense is mastered. Brayden has a lot of potential but will fall behind quickly if this is not resolved.
Journal entrys
10/12 met a 2nd grade male student today. Very cofident in his math skills, but is very lacking.
10/13 Presented my student with his pre-assesment he was worried about this affectin his grade. Re-assured him this was only to help me-help him. The assessment did not go as planned. All 3 students wanted to know the correct asnwers. We went over each problem and my student erased his orginal asnwers. I am un-sure at this poing if he knew why or how he got the problem worng, he was more worried about having the right answer. We went into simple addition problems.

10/17 After reviewing the difficulties in the pre-assessment I sat next to my student and had him explain to me how he did the given addition problems. He liked being the teacher, I did not correct him on the problems while he was explaining, after he was done doing the problems I ...

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.../21 Confidence is very high today, he enjoys math very much and says “This stuff is so EASY”,after reviewing a problem that he errored on he say “oh yeah I know that.”

After many snow days and my vacation we did not meet for a while

12/8 Last day of tutoring he was very excited, he says he know he has gotten better at math and he gets to graduate today. Did post assessment. I then collected the workshets (learned from pre-assessment not ot let kids look a them to rpevent answer changes). Gathered as a group to go over each problem that was written on the white board. Each student took turns on different problem to “teach” and explain hwo to do the given problem. When it was his turn and he ha to reason out loud, he knew what he did wrong right away and was able to do the problems correctly. Still has difficulty with number sense. He needs more individualized time.

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