Essay on Comparing The Political Philosophies Of Ancient Greece

Essay on Comparing The Political Philosophies Of Ancient Greece

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Comparing and Contrasting the Political Philosophies of Ancient Greece
The city-states of Ancient Greece gave birth to the many different forms of government that are now known by present-day society. It is through the numerous accounts of ancient historians that modern civilizations have learned the lessons of each governmental structure. This essay will discuss the many forms of government introduced by Ancient Greek city-states. Through analyzing the differences and similarities of each political philosophy, a conclusion will be made as to what forms of government were more effective for Ancient Greece, as well as how they apply to modern day government.
The most popular form of government created by the Ancient Greeks is that of democracy. Democracy, which found its origin in the Greek city-state of Athens, called for the “rule of the people” or “rule of the many”. The decisions of Athenian government were ultimately made by the free male citizens of Athens, a branch of government that was known as the Assembly. This form of government was ideal, in that it allowed for all citizens of Athens to direct the future of their civilization.
Although democracy was supposed to provide Athens with political equality among its people, this unfortunately was not the case. The introduction of other political philosophies such as aristocracy corrupted the democratic notion of direct democracy, insuring that certain laws were put into place by the vested interest of powerful statesmen. Aristocracy, which is defined as “a form of government that places power in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class (Wikipedia, 2016)”, introduced a form of elitism that was counterproductive to the egalitarian structure of democracy. According to Pl...

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...t is only through interstate or international peace that democracy is effective as a singular system.
In conclusion, the many political philosophies of Ancient Greece have offered guidance to the governments of modern times. Through the combination of these political philosophies, modern-day governments have been able to facilitate democratic progress in a balanced manner. Although corruption is still a symptom of modern government, the democratic regulation of government has allowed for a system of checks and balances to be placed upon the oligarchical, aristocratic, monarchic, and tyrannical aspects of government. Although political hierarchy has safeguarded society from outright violence and chaos, it has also allowed for violence and chaos to exist, an aspect which leads the modern day human to reach for the system of direct democracy in a global political arena.

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