Comparing The Old Testament And The New Testament Essay

Comparing The Old Testament And The New Testament Essay

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Forgive the length of this, but I really wanted to get this off my chest after so many years. I’ve been a Christian for my entire life, but I do not consider myself a religious person. I was raised in the Lutheran church so most of my beliefs come from there although I don’t really associate myself with any church anymore. When I was around 17, I began to become skeptical and question my beliefs due to being subjected to logical science most of my life. I can’t ignore logic, as that would be, well, illogical! But God, in many people’s eyes, does not fall into the realm of logic due to being a non-physical eternal deity. My theory, which is was brought upon by a friend, is that God is such a vast concept that he cannot be comprehended by the human mind or science. I have also become skeptical of the bible over the years, noticing many inconsistencies and contradictions, usually when comparing the Old Testament to the New Testament. I’m can’t and won’t follow something because of a book from centuries that was written by men (Not God, they were influenced by him though). Anyway, I’m digressing. What I want to talking about is one of the main reasons why I have been questioning Christianity is because of the attitude of fellow Christians. There seems to be a sort of superiority complex when it comes to not just Christians, but religious people in general. I understand that not every person is like this, however when religion is criticized for having intolerant hypocrites, these are usually the kind of people that they are referring to. Many Christians condemn homosexuality for being a sin and the practice of it. However, I’ve never understood this. Who cares if someone has a different sexual preference than you do? Why is it so wrong...

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...gmental and intolerant behavior and attitude needs to stop. We’re supposed to love and take care of one another, not put each other down! I hope that one day we can all be in peace and put our differences and do what God has always wanted us to do. Love one another. I’ll end this with the lyrics of a song Abandoned by God that I wrote for my solo project.
“Your scripture is my delusion
My delusion is your scripture
Wondering if such a being exists despite saying so
Am I just following in a blindfold this whole time
Trying so hard to believe, but things not adding up
Afraid that one’s close to me will parish for not being the followers you desire
All of these people say different things that blur my vision
Maybe that is the way it has to be
It won’t ever change for myself and that’s fine
If I were to go hell, I’ll have no regrets
Rather be honest than blind”

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