Comparing The Mesopotamia Civilization And Shang And Zhou Civilization Essay

Comparing The Mesopotamia Civilization And Shang And Zhou Civilization Essay

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I am going to compare and contrast the Mesopotamia civilization and Shang and Zhou china civilization.
Mesopotamia formed its civilizations between six or five thousand years ago. The creation of building’s were built here first, they developed a sustainable writing system, within that empires were built and ruled upon on. People gravitated towards this area and began creating and being in control of the government. People use the traditions, cultures, and beliefs their people before them bestowed to them through oral teachings.
Mesopotamia means “in between rivers” the word comes from a Greek background. The two rivers it is between are the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The rivers water flows through Syria and modern Iraq. The geography in this location helped the way people prosper or failed through their lifestyle. This area is made mostly of plains and hills which can have its benefits. During the rainy seasons it allowed the soil and dirt to be more fertile for the plants to grow. Also, since it was surrounded by flowing water from rivers, often during the winter season the land was still able to be watered and it allowed it to grow always still. When farming became popular and the source of their living, the settlers here used the land to find wood and rocks. In the more southern part of the area it was mostly leveled, widespread, and had plains. When settlers began to build cites they settled it along the rivers throughout the area. They did this so they could be closer to the water source and have a greater chance of allowing their crops to grow. The settlers in Mesopotamia had to use the land around them because people did not have the knowledge yet to make other modifications.
The people here believed in the spirit wor...

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... people competed over the essential items including; food, water, and trade mappings. Meaning most women were not capable of keeping of with the men, thus, categorizing them into a lower rank in society mainly because they were not useful were it mattered most.

The Mesopotamia and the Shang and Zhou China people began to develop a common used language and create a method of writing.
Mesopotamia focused its civilization on farming at first, but after a while once they began to build larger cities they began to transition into creating and using metal, as to the china dynasty did.
Mesopotamia and Shang and Zhou China also depicted a huge portion of its economy on trading as well.
Shang and Zhou China most likely based their civilization off of some the success the Mesopotamia experienced and countered what they thought would be implemented best in their society.

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