Comparing The Hunger Games ' Panem And 1984 's Oceania Essay

Comparing The Hunger Games ' Panem And 1984 's Oceania Essay

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The Comparison of The Hunger Games’ Panem and 1984’s Oceania
Because of the difference in the time periods during which 1984 and The Hunger Games were written, one would not suspect that each novel shares a vast number of commonalities with the other. 1984 focuses on the development of Winston Smith, a Party member who slowly starts to question the actions and rulings of Oceania’s leader, “Big Brother.” Winston eventually wishes to break free of this beyond-controlling government and to join a group of underground forces to fight against Big Brother. Similarly in The Hunger Games, the novel centers on the life of Katniss Everdeen as she participates in the annual Hunger Games which her country, Panem, and the Capitol force children to enter with the sole purpose of reminding citizens that the government holds all the power. These twisted societies feature two very distinct stories, but the core of each novel centers around the same key characteristics such as societal structure and government control. Both 1984 and The Hunger Games portray their own versions of dystopian societies which result in very similar stories.
To introduce each book, the authors describe the current situations in each society which for 1984, includes the preparation for “Hate Week.” This country of Oceania and the Inner Party devised this annual celebration in order to rile up the other Party members so that their emotions consist of only pure hatred for Oceania’s enemies. Winston’s description of Hate Week includes an overproduction of slogans and songs to worship Big Brother. He also says, “Working hours had been drastically increased in anticipation of Hate Week” which goes to show the importance of this event to the Inner Party (Orwell, 1...

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...hildren, boy and girl, Panem controls their security as well. Very similar to the Thought Police in 1984, the “Peacekeepers” roam around with specific commands from President Snow to torture and kill anyone who openly rebels against Capitol orders. The leaders of Panem definitely have a tendency to manipulate children and force them to commit murder for only a reminder to the districts that a rebellion would fail to succeed.
Although each novel portrays very different scenarios, they both have very similar core characteristics. Both 1984 and The Hunger Games uphold the same dystopian principles such as controlling governments and strict social structure. Most profoundly, they utilize child manipulation and overbearing enforcers in almost the same way. They each depict the opposite of an ideal government and provide examples of actions to avoid in the future.

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