Essay on Comparing The 1984 Film Amadeus, Directed By Milo ?† Forman

Essay on Comparing The 1984 Film Amadeus, Directed By Milo ?† Forman

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The 1984 film Amadeus, directed by Miloš Forman, told the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart story in such a way that an individual watching more than likely would have never imagined such a brilliant musician’s life having been the way it was portrayed in the film. When many people think of Mozart today, the thought of his skill to compose musical masterpieces is probably the first of many things to come to mind – his work speaks for itself; Mozart’s operas and symphonies are beautiful, so comparing it to the eighteenth century Classical era, Mozart’s work had to have been much loved and appreciated, right? Well, according to Amadeus, this was not necessarily the case.
The film opens up with secret rival Antonio Salieri attempting to kill himself, while begging for forgiveness for having killed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which places him in an insane asylum. Salieri then eventually goes on to the tell a priest about his relationship with Mozart, starting with his [Salieri’s] own childhood when he would beg God to help him devote his life to music and make his a name that would forever be known. In his adult years, Salieri was not yet the composer he continued praying to God to be, but he was a respected court composer for Roman Emperor Joseph II. When Mozart comes to Vienna, Salieri does all he can to meet him and winds up in a room secretly watching Mozart and his soon to be wife, and this is when the viewers of the film find that Mozart was pretty vulgar individual, which was far from the image inside my mind that I had of who Mozart was.
Salieri would greet Mozart with a piece he created, which is when Mozart would laugh and offer up some ideas in order to make Salieri’s piece more enjoyable. Salieri would eventually come to c...

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...ourse of my academic career, which would be that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous child prodigy. After watching Amadeus I have come to learn that it was accurate that Mozart had a problem with money and only worked with students he found talented (like portrayed in the film). I came to the conclusion, which was seen in Amadeus that despite seeing plenty fame in lifetime, Mozart had very little wealth, if any at all. Overall, after the acknowledging that Amadeus is a film and not all of the film is accurate because, well, it is a film and has to be at least slightly entertaining for the viewers. All in all, after watching and analyzing the movie, the parts that seem to be true about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are very surprising to me. Even if people during his time did not always appreciate his music, it is certain that many people today appreciate his music.

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