Essay about Comparing The Decisions And Circumstances Of Four Presidents

Essay about Comparing The Decisions And Circumstances Of Four Presidents

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Comparing the decisions and circumstances of four presidents; Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan. Understanding the policies and events that happened to these presidents during their respective terms will help the reader comprehend how they dealt with the threat of communist expansion in Europe and Asia, how the presidents dealt with weapons of mass destruction; how those presidents approached the U.S.S.R; how each president dealt with the same crises, as well as the evolution of the Cold War from 1931-1991.

Starting in chronological order, Dwight Eisenhower’s foreign policy revolved around containment of communism, this was an attribute shared by every single president during the cold war. During the duration of the cold war, Democratic world leaders were motivated by the second ‘Red Scare’, and Eisenhower made significant advances to keep communism out of the united states stating “Forces of good and evil are massed and armed and opposed as rarely before in history. Freedom is pitted against slavery, lightness against dark.” Eisenhower believed that containment was not enough to keep communism at bay. With help from his Secretary of State John Foster, Eisenhower began a plan to construct weapons of mass destruction to fight the most prominent communist superpowers at the time (Foreign Policy). Eisenhower used the constant threat of nuclear retaliation to keep his foes in check. He effectively put his foot down and made sure that his enemies knew that America was not going to be pushed around. A rivalry was sparked during his administration between the U.S and the Soviets. The most famous of these rivalries would be, the space race. The space race started in 1957 with the launch of Sputnik into...

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...opeful globe”. Arguably the most major problem that JFK encountered was the Cuban Missle Crises, the tension between the US and the soviet government was at its highest therteen days. The constant threat of nuclear war was 90 miles off the coast of the US, the closest it has ever been. In order to put an end to this the Nakita Kurchov had to take out the missils he supplied to cuba, that started it all.

Shifting our focus to twenty years later, President Jimmy Carter had a different approach, Carter believed that the nation’s foreign policy should reflect its highest moral principles and believed that there should be a stark change from the Nixon Admin (Carter 's Foreign Policy - Short History - Department History - Office of the Historian). Carter focused less on war and more on human rights during his run of the cold war, which him made look weak. After soviets

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