Comparing The Channel Four News Essay

Comparing The Channel Four News Essay

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The channel four news blare in the background as Ariah packed two peanut butter & apple jelly sandwiches in her orange polka dot lunch bag. As she scrubs the peanut butter remains off the butter knife she watches her BeBe in the living room. BeBe, her sixty three year old grandmother and suburban warden, sat in their old ratty brown lazy boy and watched the news as loud as the volume of their new television would go. As the lady with too much makeup talked about the new cheetah exhibit Ari planned her escape from her personal prison disguised as a 3 bedroom Spanish Colonial.
She creeped back to her bedroom placing her lunch bag in her back pack. “The only way out is out the window,” she thinks. She opens the window and throws her back pack out first. As she hears the shuffling of BeBe’s heavy feet coming toward her room she jumps out of her bedroom window. Feet first she lands on the ground crouching like a wild cat and takes off. She glances back at the window just in time to see the disappointed eyes of her grandmother staring down at her. The same look she sees every day. BeBe knew what she was doing but this time she wouldn’t stop her. This time she would be free.
One dollar and fifteen cents in hand Ariah races behind the leaving bus. “I have to make,” she thinks as the bus rounds the corner. “I have to make it,” she thinks as she cut through the Publix parking lot to make it to the next stop. As the bus was about to pull off yet again she jumps into the open door. Glaring at the driver she settles into the dingy bus seat. The bus was crowded with wrinkles and red lipstick.
Two old ladies sitting next to her chattered about their grandchildren and the weather. Both women commented on the clear skies but Ariah knows her ...

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...ked how could they do this to her. Another school, a military school? She hops out of the car and slams the door. As she races to her room she notices the doors cracked.
To her surprise Ariah found her mother sitting at the edge of her bed. She walks into the room and sit next to her. “I don’t want to go to military school,” Ariah pleads. Her mother gives her a stern look then holds up her hand to stop her. “Enough Ari, I do not want to hear your excuses. I only came here to tell you that you are moving.” Ariah was shocked. She knew the warden would send her to military school, but not her mom. Just as she was about to try to cry her way out of the situation her mother says “, you are moving to Japan with me.” Ariah was relieved, not only because she would be avoiding drills and uniforms but also because for the first time every her mother wanted her to come along.

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