Comparing The Canon And Creeds Essay

Comparing The Canon And Creeds Essay

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Churches today all lean to the Bible to learn, teach, and preach the gospel. Interestingly, during the time of the church’s origin, the Bible didn’t exist. The texts that were used at the beginning of the churches formation was what is known today as the Old Testament. The gospel was strictly a proclamation. As the years passed by, New Testament writers saw the need to record the events of Jesus’ ministry. Soon there became the inevitable issue. Which of these writing are inspired by God? Which of these writings can be trusted? The post-apostolic and early church fathers had to face many of these questions. On top of that, different theories began to pop up concerning who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is, and what is their relation to Father? These burning and important questions led to what is regarded today as the canon and the creeds. This paper will focus on the both the canon and creeds, and it will attempt to explain the relationship between the two.
The Need Creed

Today there are many that question the need for things such as creeds. Post-modernity has cast a shadow of skepticism over truth claims. As Carl Trueman mentions, in Creedal Imperative, the advancement of science has led to a philosophical bias where the past is inferior to the present. Furthermore, there is a built in progressive narrative where everything keeps getting better. Therefore, old traditions and assertions are just that, old and dated. Trueman also points to the influence of consumerism which rejects the past through making people believe that acquiring something in the future that they do not have in the present will be fulfilling. Along with the devaluing of the past, is the devaluing of words. In today’s culture words are used to gain power and...

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...nd can be used to diagnose and reject heresy. Also, they summarize the faith in a special way. When the church stands up to profess the faith, they are not only professing a belief in the true faith that has been revealed to us in Jesus, they are rejecting all other gods.

The regula fidei, or “Rule of Faith” is the faith that has been transmitted to the apostles from Jesus himself. It has served a key role in the life of the church. It has been preserved through tradition, and it was used to put together what we know as the Old and New Testament canon. This Rule of Faith has been finalized in the Apostles creed.
While the scriptures are considered God’s divinely inspired word, the creeds still have value. They are the preservation of the faith handed down to us, and they serve as a summary of the churches belief. Both are canon and creeds are important.

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