Essay on Comparing The Canadian Court System With Italy

Essay on Comparing The Canadian Court System With Italy

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Within this essay I will provide you with a brief comparison of the Canadian court system with Italy. This will include the roles of their judges, the roles of their prosecutors. The hierarchy of courts, weather it is a common law ground or civil law or some other law. Finally, I will discuss the position and role of the lawyers in the courts in both places.

First of all, the hierarchy courts in Italy have four jurisdictions: Civil jurisdiction, Criminal, Juvenile and Penal jurisdictions. Within these for “first instance the courts are set up as follows: Justices of the peace who are honorary judges. They hear minor civil and criminal matters. Courts of tribunals hear the most serious cases. The Penal office hears cases in the first instance involving penal justice. Juvenile court. In second instance, to claim against the first decision on factual grounds and the interpretation of the law: second instance. Courts of appeal. Penal tribunals second instance courts in matters involving penal justice. In third instance. To obtain recourse for infringement of the law at the highest level. Supreme court with overall competence and final instance.” ( , 2016) “The federal and provincial and territorial governments are all responsible for the judicial system in Canada. Only the federal government can appoint and pay judges of the superior, or upper-level, courts in the provinces. Parliament can also establish a general court of appeal and other courts. It has created the supreme court of Canada, the federal court and the Federal court of appeal, as well as the tax court.” ( , 2016)

In Canada “ prosecutors are government lawyers who prosecute criminal cases. To prosecute means to lay a charge in a c...

... middle of paper ...

...aly, i.e. obtaining expert legal advice in advance. If things go wrong, it can take years to achieve satisfaction and in the case of fraud the chances are that those responsible will have gone broke, disappeared or even died by the time the case is decided. Local courts, judges and lawyers frequently abuse the system to their own ends and almost anyone with enough money or expertise can use the law to their own advantage.” ( , 2003-2016)

In conclusion, I think it 's probably safer to live in Canada, so if you want to go for a trip to Italy that 's fine as long as you stay out of trouble in my opinion. That 's something I would be interested in doing anyway maybe but as for living their? Heck no. I would most likely die, I wouldn 't doubt that there 's lots of mob gangsters like from what I seen on the TV show Weeds. Something similar to that anyway.

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