Comparing The And Contrast During The 19th Century Essay

Comparing The And Contrast During The 19th Century Essay

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Colony Compare and Contrast

In the 17th century, England was late when it came to the colonization of the new world. Which went through many changes before it was able to test the waters, forming the first settlements in the mid-Atlantic, Virginia. Under the guise of a noble mission given to them by King James I, the Virginia Company funded the first Colonies in Virginia. Years later, after perfecting their skills at surviving this new land, colonies in the south, Carolina were formed. These two regions both had their share of challenges, but they overcame them in different ways. Each had a method of doing things by force or from trial and error. The world in 1606 was very different than the world of today, but this is a story based on the past.
In 1606 King James I, hired a stock company called the Virginia Company (America: A Narrative History, 56). At this time America was seen as a new source of undiscovered riches. There was indeed gold and treasure to be found or taken from this undisturbed population. The Spanish being the first to arrive in Central America, where the Aztec Empire ruled, were the ones who mostly benefited when it came to silver and gold. The Area where England focused on settling did not have these types of riches that the monarchy were hoping for, yet years after the settlements it became a valuable source of profit,
Virginia’s first colony Jamestown was settled on May 6th, 1607 by 105 men and boys (America: A Narrative History, 57). They were unprepared for life in the wilderness. Most had the impression that everything would be easy in the new world. The men and boys who first settled in Jamestown were townsmen and gentlemen. “They had come expecting to find gold, friendly Indians, and easy living....

... middle of paper ... not experience the lack of food that nearly whipped out Jamestown in its first year. Jamestown in many way was a genuine pig, testing how life was in this “new world”. It showed settlers, who would arrive later how to survive and better improve their methods of trade. Along the way the colonies became a great asset to England, which motivated them to try different tactics for keeping their colonies functioning and producing goods. This caused them to recruit seasoned British planters from the Caribbean Island of Barbados. The eight loads did this to increase their chances of profiting from South Carolina. Compared to the Virginia Company, who did not send seasoned planters, but instead sent gentlemen and town’s people that were unfamiliar with farming or manual labor. Who would you think were better prepared for life in the colonies, gentlemen or seasoned farmers?

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