Comparing Television and the Internet

Comparing Television and the Internet

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In 1927, a man by the name of Philo Taylor Farnsworth became the first inventor to transmit a television image. That later became what we recognize as modern television. Four decades later the Internet was born. In July of 1969, the UCLA introduced a press release of the Internet to the public. Later that year in October, the first message was sent using the Internet.
For many children, television is something to look forward to after school. Numerous adults look to television for updates on news as well as road conditions. While men go straight to the sports channel to find out the scores of the game. Most all of us know, that our grandparents are always watching the five O’ clock news to see what is transpiring in the community.
Now that the Internet or World Wide Web is available, children can find their beloved cartoons at a click of a mouse. Cartoon channels such as Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network have their own Website where children can watch any show at anytime without the hassle of having to wait for the show to come on the television. Men and women alike are now turning to the Internet to find up to the minute news and weather. Even our grandparents now have their own e-mail address and have the ability to look up their favorite recipes from well known television channel Website's like Food Network. My own grandmother has turned to the Internet to find recipes she has seen on television the night before. Before the Internet, she was forced to wait until the show's rerun came on.
When comparing television to the Internet, perceivably the Internet could take the place of television due to limitations on television. As far as what can be seen at one point or another. Clearly on the Internet a person can find anything they want at anytime they wish.
As far as what is believable, the local news may be the most credulous on television but on the Internet the credibility depends on the source in which the information is found. Anyone cans type and post whatever they wish on Internet. In saying so, many people are misinformed-informed on many subjects when turning to the Internet for information.

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As long as the Website a person gets their information from has some type of credibility, then the Internet can be a good form of knowledge and can be used as such.
When people look at the comparison between television and the internet, the ability to control one over another is very easy to see. Watching television, most people are limited to what is in in front of them, while on the internet looking at only one thing is not hard at all.
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