Comparing Sophists And Socrates ' Views Essay

Comparing Sophists And Socrates ' Views Essay

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Comparison of Sophists and Socrates’ Views
Sophism and Socrates ideologies continue to influence the world today in many facets. Though there was repulsion in the application of thoughts of Sophists and Socrates, manipulation and unfairness seems to be the major born of contention among their views. Question of whether Socrates was a Sophist too have erupted in different platforms. Irrespective of all the analysis and speculations of Sophists’ and Socrates’ philosophies, it remains true that their philosophies not only continue to influence the world, but also span across many topics and portray many elements of both similarities and differences in opinions. This essay particularly narrows down to the Similarities in opinion and differences of the same from a sophists and Socrates’ point of view. This takes the direction of what they perceived as a just way of dispensing the knowledge they had to other people. The primary fact that Sophists were elite knowledgeable group of people, who charged for their lessons, triggers a major debate as to whether this is fair or not. The similarities of the impartation of logic concepts of Socrates’ students with those of Sophists’ style are analyzed. Also, exploration of Socrates’ perception into the justices and injustices of his time and how that differs or concurs with Sophists’ ideologies is discussed.

There exists a very big difference in the between the sophists’ ideologies and those of Socrates. However, in the midst of the same there exist some similarities. It can be agreed that any great philosopher is a great persuader. This directly implies that both Socrates and sophists were great persuaders in their capacities. It is through their persuasion skills that they were...

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...nipulators (Cazacu 608). They capitalized on the emotions. Instead of critically thinking about something, they used words to trick and create illusion into their listener’s minds. They were skeptical. Motive was to make people think in a certain way or make people conform to a certain way of doing things.
The difference between these two sides of philosophy can only be summed by an observation that Sophists’ education was not for free where as Socrates offered it for free. Sophists trained people to gain power and hence had to charge for the same (Corey 15). They dwelt within the limits of practical application and handled issues facing real world (Corey 16). Socrates ideologies can be described as ideal and unachievable. As much as Socrates believed in truth and justice, the Sophists believed in molding leaders who in turn would know what is just and what is not.

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