Essay Comparing Short Stories “The Sniper” and “The Most Dangerous Game”

Essay Comparing Short Stories “The Sniper” and “The Most Dangerous Game”

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“The Sniper” and “The Most Dangerous” Game are both different stories, written by different authors. Liam O’Flaherty is the author of “The Sniper”. He was born on one of Ireland’s Aran Islands, in a large family. Since the Aran Islands have a tradition of oral storytelling, Liam O’Flaherty’s house was full of different kinds of stories. He also wrote about Irish peasant life and captured the struggles of the Irish Civil War. His best known novel is “The Informal”, and it talks about a betrayal set during the Irish Troubles.
The author of “The Most Dangerous Game” is Richard Connell. Richard Connell is an American author and journalist, who wrote a lot of short stories and few novels. His short stories appeared in the Saturday Evening Post and Collier's Weekly. While he was still in high school, Richard Connell was hired as the city editor for sixteen dollars a week. He studied college at Georgetown University, while working as a secretary for his father, who had been elected to Congress. After his father’s death, he moved to Harvard, and started writing for two college newspapers. After graduating, he transferred to New York, but he also left a brief stint in the army during World War |. After that, he moved to Los Angeles and began to write screenplays for major Hollywood movie studios. Richard Connell’s most famous story is “The Most Dangerous Game”, which is still widely read, even nowadays. It has inspired many movies and it’s probably the most frequently anthologized American story.
As we saw earlier, both authors of both stories were born in different places and did many things. “The Sniper” sets in Dublin, Ireland, during a time of a bitter civil war. It was a war between the Republicans, which wanted Ireland to become ...

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...rom the island, and then appearing right before his eyes at General Zaroff’s room. Rainsford had so many smart ideas and plans as well as the sniper.
In both stories, people died. In “The Sniper”, the old woman, and the man she informed, as well as the sniper’s brother were killed. While in “The Most Dangerous Game”, Ivan and General Zaroff died.
We compared the settings, characters, and authors of both stories, but we still didn’t compare between the types of writing both stories are. “The Sniper” was a descriptive writing, because it described the mood, setting, and characters of the story. “The Most Dangerous Game” also described the mood, setting, and characters of the story. This means that both stories are descriptive writings.

Both stories are one of a kind and deserve to be read. They share both common and uncommon ideas, but in the end, both are nice.

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