Comparing Shakespeare 's Heart Of Darkness Essay examples

Comparing Shakespeare 's Heart Of Darkness Essay examples

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Heart of Death
(Compare and Contrast Ilych and Heart of Darkness)
There is always a sense of darkness that emanates through the novels of authors of this era. There is also a common theme among them that can be found when one digs deep and analyzes the text with extreme concentration and dedication. Heart of Darkness is a novel about what is says in the title: darkness. The whole novel has a sort of gloomy, dark, and sad feel to it that the reader cannot shake no matter how hard they try. It is a dark and creepy book at times, but if one can just get past that, the novel is one worth reading. The Death of Ivan Ilych is also a book that has some deep meaning hidden deep inside of it. It is not near as dark as Heart of Darkness but it takes a close second. Throughout the book, there were many comparisons that could be picked out, as well as many contrasts that could be picked out. Some were easier to explain than others, and some also made more sense than others. There are a few comparisons and contrasts between Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy such as their invocation of modernism, lack of unification of morals and standards, and the contrast of external and internal importance’s and how those are used.
To begin, Heart of Darkness and The Death of Ivan Ilych both contain modernism. Modernism can be defined as modern character or quality of thought as well as technique and expression. It is distinguished by the styles that were significant in other periods of times in many different important ways. The family of Ivan is very much disorganized and dysfunctional. They are fragmented by their distances that form between them when Ivan has to move his family into the country because he has...

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...d, so he does not fall in. He is hit in the side instantly, and he falls into the sack and dies. The internal plays a much larger role than the external because if there was no analysis of the internal, the story would really have not plot.
Clearly, the invocation of modernism, lack of unification of morals and standards, and the contrast of external and internal importance’s and how those are used are all comparisons and contrasts between Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy. There were more comparisons than contrasts, but the contrast was much more powerful than the contrasts were. It proved that there is something out there that is greater than us, and that there usually is an explanation if one looks hard enough. The internal is often more important the external because it tells a greater story and has greater meaning.

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